Namaz Timing Application

Namaz Timing Application

This is the Namaz Timing application for mobile phones. It supports thousands of cities from hundreds of countries. It is supported on all J2ME (CLDC 1.1/MIDP 2.0) enabled devices.






Some Motorola phone only install Over The Air, so you will need to use WAP ( to install. Insert storage memory in the phone (if it is not already in.) Using USB cable, connect phone to PC. Double click on My Computer and open the newly mounted mobile drive You will see a "mobile" directory. Open it and there you will see a "kjava" folder. Copy jar file into the mobile's "kjava" folder After copying successfully, disconnect the mobile from PC. In the phone select Games & Apps from menu. Scroll down to the bottom and select "Memory Card". Select option [Install New] on the memory card screen. Select Auqat-us-Salat from list and install it.

Sony Ericsson

Install the PC Suite that comes with P910i (you can download it for free from the sony ericsson website). Connect mobile with PC using Cradle. Use the "Install Software" option from Start->Programs->Sony Ericsson->P910i. It will ask for a *.SIS, *.JAD and *.JAR file. We made it point to the PrayerTiming.jar file and click Next. It will copy the file successfully and then install it successfully.


Most Samsung devices will only install softwares over WAP. You can download it via WAP from (


Ensure you have a Data-Cable or Bluetooth or Infra-red (along with its software) for transferring the file from your PC to your Mobile. Browse into your phone and transfer the PrayerTiming.jar file from the directory on your PC to your Mobile. For this step, you will need a data cable that came with your phone, a cradle or bluetooth. Please consult your phone's manual for further details on how to transfer files from your PC to your mobile. Once the file has been transferred to your mobile (you can transfer it to a storage card or main memory), open the transferred file from your mobile to begin installation.